Chaos was the law of nature;
Order was the dream of man.
Henry Adams

The mission

Helping companies to
  • 01

    Manage their processes, through a careful risk analysis and operational experience analysis that reveals the opportunities raised by the paradigm of continuous improvement of management systems.

  • 02

    Promote and encourage a structured and systemic approach to solving any business problem.

  • 03

    Bring the scientific method within companies, to help them grow and make them competitive.

  • 04

    Provide consultancy services and training courses specifically tailored to the needs of the specific organizational reality.

  • 05

    Disseminate methods, models, and tools specific to managing corporate complexity.

The vision

Unleash the potential of any organization, facing the challenges of complexity and chaos, thus creating new value.

The team

Chaos Consulting experts have a long experience accumulated in different industrial sectors, from Oil & Gas to Infrastructure, passing through Healthcare and Power Industry and Manufacturing, with both private and public interlocutors. Furthermore, the skills of the Chaos Consulting experts are also certified, according to the specific area of interest, by the most authoritative bodies in the world (such as PECB and Energy Institute). The solidity and capabilities of Chaos Consulting are also testified by the trust of the dense network of partners with which it operates internationally.