Events / June 2020

The Italian Regional Group of the Institute of Risk Management opens

Rosario Sicari, co-founder with Luca Fiorentini of the Italian chapter of the Institute of Risk Management, has been appointed commitee member.

The main objectives behind the creation of an Italian chapter of the IRM are two. Firstly, it will help in collecting the best Italian professionals and companies dealing with risk management to create a recognized “space” built by professionals, university members, etc. where to share and develop studies and researches on the topic. Secondly, it represents a unique occasion to spread the rigorous, soundly knowledge-based and structured approach to risk management in a consistent way all over the country.

The group is intended to be transversal and both multidisciplinary professionals and companies/consultants are welcomed to join, because of the universal applicability of risk management topics. At the moment, there is not such a recognized institute in Italy and it represents the opportunity to stress on the necessity of a standardized approach to risk management. The idea is to create a pole of attraction to the Italian risk community, where to discuss, share, spread, study, do research, organize national events about the topic.