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BowTieServer unites different risk disciplines in a single, central repository with bowties and related information. It combines all the powerful tools we already have, like BowTieXP, IncidentXP, and AuditXP, and unifies them across the organization. It consists of several modules, which you can choose to activate according to your company needs. It solves some of the harder problems in risk management, how to get a good understanding of your risk exposure, how to aggregate and present all the risk data in your system to the relevant people, and how you can be sure that barriers are fully operational.

Centralized Risk Information

The core of BowTieServer is the information repository, which allows you to store all the information you previously had in your BowTieXP/IncidentXP/AuditXP files, into a central database. BowTieServer is fully web-based which makes it device-independent and accessible from any location.

With BowTieServer companies introduce a consistent approach to risk management throughout the organization. BowTieServer monitors barrier performance over time with inputs from audits, incidents and other systems that provide information on the health of barriers. BowTieServer extends this functionality to the whole organization allowing for benchmarking between business units, detection of systemic errors in the organization and identification of emerging risks.